Hey Weavers!

Thank you so much for purchasing this course in the Warped Fibers Course Series!

This course consists of 43 topics in 12 sections. You can skip around, but I recommend going in order. We will go over everything from planning your tapestry to multiple ways to do many different tapestry techniques to how to hang your finished tapestry.

This course does NOT include loom set-up. This means you will need a basic understanding of how to warp any loom (any type of frame or floor loom) in order to use this class.

Don't forget to join the Warped Weavers Facebook Group! As a Warped Fibers student, you have exclusive access to our weaving community. Ask questions, share success stories, and get to know your fellow weavers! (password for group is in the next section!)

Downloadable PDFs for the tapestry techniques are bundled together in a later lecture. I recommend printing these out and creating a weaving notebook to keep those and your notes together in one place!

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below :)

Enjoy & happy weaving!

All music in this course is from Adam Vitovsky www.AdamVitovsky.com

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